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Frequently Asked Questions

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Should i have my parrot wings clipped

Absolutely not. If you don’t want a pet that can fly, get a goldfish! Parrots’ health and mental well-being are compromised by being rendered flightless. Flying – even in a controlled area – builds musculature, improves the respiratory and cardio-vascular systems, and increases a bird’s confidence that it can escape from danger. What’s more, the very act of cutting across the quills causes irritation and can lead to plucking or self-mutilation.

Is it true Telphon is bad for parrots

Yes; non-stick pans, if overheated, emit fumes which are highly toxic to parrots and can cause death in seconds. Keep parrots out of the kitchen!

Are your parrot DNA tested

All our Exotic Macaw Parrot are DNA tested and approved by professional Vet and other top qualified breeders.

My Parrot loves chocolate is it okay for him to have it

I’m afraid not! A good rule of thumb is certainly that ‘variety is the spice of life’ as far as feeding parrots is concerned, but that variety should only include things that are considered healthy for us too. So no chocolate, crisps, pizza or any other over-sweetened or salted food please. Avocado is apparently poisonous to them too.

Is your farm certified

We have are among the highest percentage of certified parrots breeder in the country with a certified staff.

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